Best of 2011

Best of 2011, Part 1

Editor’s Note – Over the next couple of weeks Ominocity staff members and contributors will be periodically sending in ‘Best of 2011’ lists. Enjoy or don’t.

Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/The Dream – In The Red Records
John Dwyer’s solo project has blossomed greatly over the past few years. This being their second album of 2011, the madness that this garage rock band produces is massive. Noisy guitar riffs are fuelled by doubled-up vocals and a duel drum kit assault since adding Lars from the very wonderful Seattle garage band The Intelligence to the lineup. This album was recorded live to tape so the energy of every song is the same attack the band brings to the stage. Highly Recommended!

Milk Music – Beyond Living – self-released
The SST label lives strong in this band. Big Muff driven guitar rock that is unrelenting, fans of early Dinosaur Jr. and Husker Du will absolutely love this. This should have come out in the mid ‘80s. Expect big things from this band.

Peaking Lights – 936 – Not Not Fun
Reggae usually sucks. A lot of electronica usually sucks. Somehow, this does not. Blending the tropical vibes with the electronic sounds of handmade synth keyboards, this husband and wife duo creates something magical. A backdrop to summer days, this is a perfect album to throw on and just chill out with a few friends while watching a weird film with the sound turned off.

Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972 – Kranky Records
While living back in Prince Albert in the summertime I did a lot of general highway driving to keep myself occupied. On one such drive I decided to follow the one highway to the old ferry that was about a 40+min drive away. I finally gave this album a proper listen. It was early evening with a lightning storm brewing in the distance. The epic drone meeting a prairie storm backdrop made for the perfect drive – never have I felt more at home driving on this lonesome road with this incredible music being my own personal soundtrack. This is everything I could ever want out of a drive.

Ty Segall – Singles 2007 – 2010 – Goner Records
While everything on this album has already been released on singles since Ty started being a solo artist, this collection is nevertheless too good to pass up. While his most recent full-length, Goodbye Bread, is his strongest work it just doesn’t quite compare to the earlier releases. This is raw punk with subtle glam vibes and a love for all things power pop. These songs show the direction that Ty was headed towards. This is something that I will be listening to for a long time.

My Favorite 7’’s
Ketamines – Line By Line – Hozac Records
Shrapnelles – Asscalibur – Hozac Records
Cousins – Secret Weapon/Speech – Noyes Records
Moby Dicks/Needles//Pins – Tour Split – Mammoth Caves Recording Co./Scumbuzz Records
Feral Children – Reverb – Leaning Trees Records