Ketamines release latest 7″ on Saskatoon’s Leaning Trees Records label

Ketamines release Eleven Eleven 7″ EP as part of singles series

Saskatoon’s Leaning Trees Records have officially dropped the latest single from Toronto garage-cosmonauts the Ketamines. The 7″ EP is one part of a four-part series of singles, which have been released on Pleasence, Hosehead and Mint Records.

You can buy that 7″ online HERE. Or, if you are lucky enough to live in Saskatoon, you can likely find it in one of our local record stores.

Clocking in at six tracks, the Leaning Trees quarter of the series is the longest. Which makes it the best. The entire series is rooted in spaced out bubblegum garage rock that doesn’t skimp on the hiss or the head bobs. Also, is that a flute solo on the song “You Can’t Stop Time”? Yow!

Ominocity caught up with Kaley of Leaning Trees Records for a quick chat on being a part of a 7″ series and why it’s okay to move at a glacial pace.

Ominocity: So why work with the Ketamines?

Kaley: Paul and I have been friends for a few years now and the Ketamines are among my favourite bands. I heard they were doing the singles series and was daydreaming about taking part. Literally the next day, Paul reached out and asked if I was interested. I heard an unfinished version of the EP and lost my mind. Easy decision.

OM: Since the Ketamines 7″ is part of a series, have you suddenly gotten more clout now that you are associated with Mint Records, HoseHead, etc.?

K: Hmm…I don’t know. There’s certainly been a rise of attention directed this way, but I’m just honoured to be lumped in with these great labels/people.

OM: Any other upcoming releases you can share with us?

K: There’s a few local things to be taken care of (attentive observers will notice the gap in catalog numbers since the last release), notably Cat Dad’s debut album that I’ve been sitting on for two or so years. It’s right there with Golden Smoke’s Resurrection City as my favourite Saskatoon full-length. Oh, and since both bands are skyrocketing, I’d love to repress the Shooting Guns/Cult of Dom Keller split 7″. But unless I find a patron or a bag of money, things will continue moving at a glacial pace.

Eleven Eleven 7" EP by Ketamines