portage and main

Download of the Week: Portage and Main

2011 has bought to my attention some truly astounding and gifted bands. Some of who I feel privileged to call friends, but out of all those bands that this year has bought to me I can safely say that Portage and Main have pleasured my ears the most, revitalizing my love for folk rock and making me act like a silly school girl every time I hear them.

Portage and Main’s self-titled debut conjures up images of two lonely wanderers travelling the long and weary road trading melancholy tales of old romance, with great harmonies that cause the hairs on your neck to stand on end. With folk rock greatness oozing out of their veins, Portage and Main are a band to be recognised and I would say the album for any traveller embarking on an adventure.

Portage and Main is no longer just the coldest street corner in Canada.