Food Review: Bangover Breakfast

Editor’s note – After Wednesday’s food-related tour diaries, a bunch of smart-assed loudmouths commented saying that Ominocity would be well advised to run a food column. And since we have been viciously pandering to our readers since day one, we are hoping to make food columns a regular feature in our humble blog.

Consider this your invitation: submit any and all ideas to [email protected]

Top 5 Bangover Breakfasts

Being one of those kind, albeit naïve, people who put the occasional touring band up in my place, for my troubles I was usually rewarded with a free breakfast. Back then I would usually steer band and van towards Joe’s Diner on 20th Street and 1st Avenue. Although the place has long been shut and down and the building was removed to make room for local orphans to park their cars, Joe’s had a certain charm that you can’t find in some shitty corporate chain. The breakfasts actually kind of sucked but, eating amongst Saskatoon’s most derelict, it really didn’t seem to matter. Olfactory nightmares aside, $4 for a full meal and unlimited refills on coffee is a ripper of a deal.

One of my favourite memories involves taking the now-defunct Edmonton roots punkers Our Mercury to Joe’s for a mid-afternoon breakfast. Despite breakfast only being served until 11am, Joe relented and made us eggs and toast – I’m fairly certain he added $.50 onto each of our meals for the trouble. At the end of our meal Joe added up our bills on an old style abacus – a Chinese counting machine made of a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires. The Our Mercury dudes were flabbergasted.

“Dude, did that just happen?”

By the time we were ready to leave, Joe was slumbering by the till in a fully upright position. He snored peacefully as we put the money on the counter in front of him.

Kelly’s Kafe – 2520 Jasper Avenue

Even though it’s your average eggs-toast-hashbrowns-and-coffee kind of place, don’t let the simplicity of the food put you off: Kelly’s is currently serving the best bangover breakfast in Saskatoon. Simply put, there is literally nowhere else in town that I can go to have my ass given a serious complimenting by women who are my mother’s age.

Amigo’s Cantina – 632 10 Street East

A little pricey for your average dirtbag, Amigo’s is actually key for touring bands that decided to party down hard and leave the gear load-in for the next morning. Another plus is that the staff do an AM changeover, so anyone who got pissy with you the night before is probably still in bed. Plus, if your bangover will allow it, beer.

Broadway Café – 814 Broadway Avenue

The Broadway Café is a little bit too cute for my tastes – tacky ‘50s diner décor and aged hipsters burdened with children abound. However that just makes it all the more appropriate to show up for the early bird’s special completely reeking of gin and regrettable make-outs.

Thien Vietnam – 123 3rd Avenue South

I couldn’t imagine why you would go to a Vietnamese noodle restaurant for breakfast, but anyone that serves eggs, potatoes, toast and bacon for $3.50 is some kind of fucking superhero. I wish Thien was my dad. Because then I would have a dad. Sigh.

Mel’s Café – 1701 11th Street West

Stuck out near Montgomery Place, Mel’s is pretty far out of the way for most people. Then again, never underestimate how far someone is willing to go out of their way for a cheap ‘n’ greasy breakfast.