Foam Lake

Foam Lake Album Release

Saskatoon’s Foam Lake are releasing their debut album, entitled Force and Matter, at Amigos this Saturday, Nov. 26.

Although the album was leaked as far back as this summer – some of us have been lucky enough to be blasting this for months now – the band, formed by the hella cute Ross family, are only now getting around to a proper release. However, considering recent appearances in Los Angeles, The Western Canadian Music Awards and backing local hobotron Shuyler Jansen, Foam Lake is more than excused.

But even though they have had a huge run on the road, guitarist and vocalist Paul Ross explains that despite the appearance at NBC Universal studios he remains cautious about hitting the next level of indie rock-isms. However, Foam Lake got to play in L.A. and Ross clearly understands how important, and fucking cool, that is.

“At the moment there’s no telling how directly beneficial our time in Los Angeles will be,” admits Ross. “What I do know is that we had a captive audience of some of the most important and influential music supervisors in the business, and they all left with our album. Plus, we got to meet with them and talk about whatever. It was a chance to put a face to the name and the music. Most bands don’t have that opportunity, and so I can’t see it as being detrimental to our career path.

“A band’s music that is placed or synched in movies or television can sometimes mean more for a band than a hit record.”

Foam Lake

On their debut full-length, Foma Lake explore the indie rock stratosphere with spaced-out keyboards which back rhythmic vocals that march steadfastly through surprising pop-rock hooks. Ross and his brothers pay an exciting amount of attention to the nuances of guitar tones and fully exhausting a vastly impressive array of effects pedals. And with a huge emphasis on melody, and an unassuming boyish charm, Foam Lake have likely been sitting on that hit record for far longer than they should have.

“We’re looking forward to putting a video together for one of the tracks off the new record,” says Ross. “We’re also looking forward to touring, with a couple dates before Christmas, and a bunch after and in the spring. Once the festival season starts up, we hope to make it out to a few notable ones. As you know from being in a band, some plans you don’t know about until you know.”

Foam Lake