Best of September

Reform Party Exclusive Download
The Reform Party quickly became something of a Saskatoon super-group – or proving the painful point that everyone here knows each other – when guitarist Levi Soulodre teamed up with hip hop artist Kay the Aquanaut, Volcanoless in Canada bassist Enver Hampton and drummer Tallus Scott. The band provided us with not only an exclusive download, but also one of our biggest days.

Sleeveless Summer: Tour Across The Sea
Tour diaries that detail Slow Down Molasses’ jaunt to the UK, in addition to the second most painful roadtrip ever. Sleeveless Summer, and it’s predecessor Janky, begs the question if people are more interested in band stories, jerking-off in the van stories, or how many girls I accidentally kissed this time.

Welcome Week Photo Essay
Due to potential legal complications, our lawyers advised us against posting all the naked kegger photos. So instead people got to see a bunch of lame bands playing in the bowl at the U of S. Yawn.

Sheepdogs on Project Runway
Fun fact: Every time we run something on The Sheepdogs we get a bunch of creepers who Google Ewan Currie’s name coming to the site. Sorry girls, but Ewan’s already taken and her name is Fructis Garnier… err… I mean rock ‘n’ roll.

Vive’s Jale-break
Another huge shout out to Kathy Gallant, contributor extraordinaire, for this one. Kathy gave our readers an excellent view into the loss of one of Saskatoon’s most short-lived, albeit memorable, venues. Not just good times, but great.