The Best of Ominocity

The Best of Ominocity: July

Top 5 articles for July 2011:

Itch of Life – Aaron Soulz’s tour diaries make for a fantastic, if not wholly enviable, read. I hope to one day go on tour with him.

Sled Island Diaries – Not sure why, but people seem to really like reading about drunken misadventures. And this might be one of those times where they are laughing at me and not with me. The pictures are nice to look at though.

Paper Kites Retro Download – Some Australian band totally janked the name ‘The Paper Kites’ out from underneath us, which is okay because I guess we weren’t really using it anymore. Those Aussies probably wouldn’t dig jarring, mathy dance punk either though, so screw them.

Myles & The Blanks Interview – I just met Myles the other day. Totally solid dude with an amazing live show to boot – kind of like if Bob Log III impregnated Wesley Willis and the kid grew up in Saskatoon.

Fisticuffs Download – More good music from a good dude. I see a trend emerging…

Also, FYI, the DIY Sex Robot article should have actually been #4 but we listed that already in a previous one. Dirty Google searchers are totally messing with our stats.