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Leaning Trees Records Interview

Feral ChildrenWith the stunning dearth of musical talent springing forth from Saskatoon, it was only a matter of time before individuals started to step forward to contribute in other ways to the burgeoning scene.

Leaning Trees Records, the project of Kaley Evans, is celebrating the release of their first vinyl record with locals Feral Children. Aside from investing into cassette releases, Evans is also planning on future 7” records as well as an upcoming live music showcase.

The following is an interview with Leaning Trees Records founder Kaley Evans on his love for local music and the future of the label.

Ominocity: Why did you start Leaning Trees Records?

Leaning Trees Records: It was more so just a logical step for me: a music obsessive wanting to contribute in non-musical ways in a city brimming with talent. Leaning Trees Records is obviously not going to have the same affect as say Somnambulist Sound System or the Teargas Recording Tree, but really, what’s the harm in expanding the support network?

OM: Talk about the Feral Children 7″ – why Feral Children and why a 7″ record?

LTR: Feral Children is one of my favourite local acts, and at the time LTR was coming together they had just evolved into the full-band incarnation they are now, so it was a fairly easy decision. Ryan had already established Feral Children outside of Saskatoon, in particular with Aaron Levin of Weird Canada – someone I find particularly influential and inspiring.

I love the vinyl format. And since a full-length was out of the question for a number of reasons, I thought a single showcasing two of the many facets of Feral Children was a perfect fit. And instead of passing off CD-Rs or the like as releases, I wanted to establish Leaning Trees Records as a serious label right out of the gate, so putting out a 7″ was almost a statement of intent of sorts.

As for helping each other out, I have absolutely no expectations from FC, but as the name of the label suggests, I’d like to think the relationship between artist and label will prove to be that of a two-way street. I’d be absolutely thrilled if the label serves as a stepping-stone for anyone from the LTR roster and catapults them to (much) bigger and better things. For some unfortunate reason, Saskatoon is wholly under-represented in the musical landscape of this country and I think there’s more than just a few artists and groups who should be heard beyond CFCR.

OM: What do you have planned for the future? More vinyl? Tapes?

LTR: Aside from the Feral Children 7″, I’ve just reissued a cassette Caves (Peter Grier) and Stephen Cooley originally put out themselves in the summer of 2009. It’s one of my favourite local releases of the past couple of years, and I’m really excited to have a hand in making it available once again. I can say with a high degree of certainty there will be something else on LTR from those two, in one form or another.

I’m going to be playing my cards close to my chest with LTR, but I will say there’s another 7″ on the agenda in the near future. It’s hopefully going to feature the song which made me want to start a label in the first place, so I’m obviously very excited for this one.

Oh, and there will be a LTR-curated show sometime. It was actually supposed to happen at the end of May, but things just didn’t work out. Hopefully this fall. It will be an amazing line-up and won’t cost $10 to attend, I promise.

Check out Leaning Trees Records online at: http://leaningtreesrecords.tumblr.com/