Things to Know When Planning a Virtual Summer Party

You already know that your yearly corporate party will be different this time around. Instead of hanging around and visiting an open bar, you would have to log online.

Regardless of the restrictions, you can still have a fun corporate gathering. So, there is no need to cancel a yearly event that brings staff together.

The corporate summer party is a great way to reward your team members. It tells them that you acknowledge their effort and are proud of their work. So, why don’t you opt for a virtual summer party with BBQ and cocktail making to spice things up? It can prove to be very engaging and interactive. It also is very cost-effective compared to the traditional festivities.

Saving lots of expenses is vital for businesses. And this enables that. This piece will be discussing how to plan a tremendous virtual summer party. You will find out the things to avoid when planning one.

What Should I Avoid When Planning a Virtual Summer Party?

When planning an online festivity, you have to do careful thinking. There are things that you have to avoid. And below are these mistakes you shouldn’t make:

Avoid Disregarding a Theme

Regardless of the party, you’re throwing; a theme is always important. Your virtual summer party mustn’t resemble a company meeting.

Carefully thinking of a theme will help spark your festivity to light. It will help to create a flow for the event.

Do not be forced to create a theme that resembles the brand of your business. It is best to be unorthodox when planning a theme, especially since it is a virtual summer party.

The best ideas are always outside the box. You can think of a theme that sets a different mood from a workplace. Imagine a rodeo hoedown theme? Imagine a 90s vibe theme. Or you can simply choose a fancy diner party. This sets a mood different from a workplace.

You can ask your employees to dress up regarding your theme. You can set up music, fun/gaming activities, and food for the event.

Avoid the Traditional Quiz Mania

Quiz mania is like the everyday activity on a corporate event. In truth, most people are very much sick of them. Instead of this consider, throwing in some fun gaming activities.

Challenge your team to a talent contest. Create a digital karaoke. You can even go further to spice things up with a virtual cook-off. Nonetheless, if you want to go ahead with the quiz, you need to change the format. Make it a little different this time around.

Avoid keeping the party peeps glued to their screens

Yes, this might sound funny since your party is virtual. However, it is only suitable to occupy your team with activities that don’t involve a video call.

It is why you have to think about the activities of your virtual get-together carefully. Your team should be able to take a few breaks doing something else, then return to their laptop screen.

Keep in mind that the breaks they take should be concerning events related to the get-together. Cooking is always a great idea. This takes your team away from their screen to get something else done.

Avoid Being Too Generic

Yes, we all know that there is a massive trend for bespoke packages. And, it is a great way to tell your team that you’ve gone through a lot at this time where working together can be difficult.

There are excellent ways to bring your business and employees together. A personalized invitation is always excellent. Bespoke three-course meals are great as well. Even branding party decorations are ways to make sure things are lively and exciting at the event. Also, these wouldn’t cost you so much.

Make Sure it is a Bonding Exercise

The aim of your virtual summer party should be to bring staff closer. It should be a building exercise for employees who work in different departments.

During your video call, you can choose to give speeches. Or, you can just let the most outspoken person do the job. I strongly advise that you consider splitting your team into random groups. Give each group an exercise to do and accomplish.

After each team has completed their objective, they should come back to share the progress with the whole group. This would enable connection and stronger relationships with employees. Also, it will give all your staff a role in the party. The page here has more ways on how to bond at work.

Avoid Making Your Virtual Summer Party Too Long

Since it is a virtual festivity, you shouldn’t make it too long. Video calls burnout can be a headache for all involved. However, it can be reduced if you set a clear start and end time.

Make it short. Make it sweet and enjoyable till it ends. Make it fun. Make it tasty, filled with designs and decorations that create a party presence. Several companies are great at planning virtual parties. You only have to do proper research to find a great company to plan your event. Try using these tactics:


Recommendations can point you toward the direction of virtual party planning companies. You just have to find the right people to ask. I advise you to talk to your staff to see if any can recommend an excellent company. You can also ask your friends and loved ones. Once you ask a few people, you should be able to get a few lists of companies.

Go Online

Now you have a list of companies, what do you do next? You have to scrutinize the list to find a provider that can provide the services you need. Visit the website of each of the companies on your list.

There you will find reviews. Reviews will tell you how great the company provides virtual corporate party planning once you’re satisfied with the reviews. You can partner with the company for their services.

Final Note

Planning your virtual summer get-together doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can find a company that can provide such services and works with them. Also, it is a good idea to be familiar with activities that spice up such parties. The discussion above will better prepare you during your planning.