Why Subscription Boxes Are a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Finding the ideal present for a family member or friend can be a serious challenge. If you find yourself struggling to come up with a great gift idea, then consider buying them a subscription box. Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving as they provide the recipient with months of enjoyment. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider gifting your loved one with a subscription box.

A new gift every month

The biggest advantage of giving someone a subscription box is that they will receive an exciting new gift every month. Having a subscription prolongs the gift-giving experience, and your loved one will look forward to receiving something new in the post each month. Receiving a new gift in the post each month will serve as a constant reminder of your wonderful gift.

Plenty of options

There is a subscription box to suit everyone, regardless of their age or tastes. You can search online for different subscriptions and choose one that will suit your loved one’s interests. You can also select the frequency of the delivery, i.e., once a month or bi-annually. With such a massive variety of subscriptions to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one. To inspire you, here are some of the most popular subscription boxes to consider:

– Food – Food boxes have become all the rage, and for good reason! You can choose to have a box of delicious snacks delivered to your loved one’s door each month. Or, arrange for a monthly box that is filled with healthy new recipes and ingredients to try.

– Beauty – Beauty boxes are ideal for anyone who loves testing new cosmetics and beauty products.

– Books – A book subscription from headymix.co.uk will allow the recipient to explore new fiction and broaden their reading skills.

Tailored to the recipient

Another fantastic benefit of a subscription box is that it can be tailored to the recipient. In most cases, your loved one can visit the subscription service website and personalize their subscription by answering questions on their tastes and preferences. They may even have the option to choose exactly what is included in their subscription box. For example, if you gift your loved one with a food subscription, they can provide information on their favourite snacks and food preferences to ensure they get the most out of their subscription boxes. They may also be able to select specific recipes that they would like included in their box. The monthly subscription can be made with the recipient in mind.


Subscription boxes are the ideal gift for people who are hard to shop for. Each month, your loved one will receive a box full of exciting goodies that are matched to their interests. The best part is that subscription boxes are extremely affordable; many companies offer fantastic discounts when you purchase a yearly subscription. Plus, you may also be awarded bonus points and freebies when you sign up.

— Featured photo by Flickr user NDB Photos, Creative Commons