What to do in Saskatoon: The Buzzardline, Aggroculture, Bobby Dove

The Buzzardline, The Lunatic Touch and Monika Gerow

Rock and raw: The Buzzardline are back, and promise to bring a torrential downpour of riffs and thundering rhythms with them. Some cool local openers too! All taking place this Saturday at Amigos, so come hang.


Looking for one of Saskatchewan’s dopest, most rippingest underground musical convergences? You’re in luck – Aggroculture takes place this weekend, and brings in a number of local and touring acts that can all rip in their own special way. Lots of other fun stuff too, including some nearby skateparks and other hijinx. 

Bobby Dove and Gunner & Smith

Want the giddy thrill of live music but long for the homieness of being at, well, home? This Tuesday you can check out this folk-soul show and still be cozy af. At Homemade Jam!

Punk Rock Bingo

Your favourite mid-week distraction is back! Come listen to records, get your yuks on, and yell out some word when you fill in all the spots on your card! This Wednesday at the Black Cat. 

Babes, Boobs and Bands

Don’t let the event title entirely mislead you: Jezebel and Fancy Diamonds will be joining forces with The Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival to bring you an evening of rock n roll, glitz and glam. Come support! This Thursday at the Capitol.