Top States to Visit in the USA

If you’re planning a trip to the United States anytime soon, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the choices. With 50 states to choose from and 50 different cultural aspects to consider, deciding where to go and what to see can seem like a challenge.

The very first step is to think about what you and your family or friends enjoy and want to see. Are you interested in beaches and cocktails? Are you travelling for the cuisines? Do you want to take in some shows and classic American culture? Are you seeking an outdoor adventure? As all of these sound like vastly different holidays, here are the best states to visit to get a little bit of everything.


Walt Disney World – is there anything else that needs to be said? This world-famous destination is in Orlando and consists of a group of amusement parks full of adventure and wonder for people of any age. Although it is incredibly busy during peak months and is quite pricey, it truly is a place that needs to be seen to be fully believed. Florida is also packed with other excitement, like Miami Beach and the nightlife of the big city, or nature and Everglades, if Disney World isn’t your idea of fun.


Historically, Louisiana’s culture is wildly different from the rest of the country, as its roots trace back hundreds of years to when it was controlled by the French empire. Because of this, Louisiana is bursting with amazing music, food, and history. Bourbon Street is a must-see destination that’s alive and bopping year-round.

While you’re there, why not watch an American Football game? The New Orleans Saints are one of the best in the league, and you can get tickets online from without any hassle. NFL games are an experience in themselves, if you include the tailgate party before the game and enjoy getting rowdy with all the other fans.


With so many interesting tourist destinations in California, this state is a hard one to pass up. Take a tour of Hollywood and try and catch a glimpse of a famous celebrity, head to Disneyland for some family fun, see Joshua Tree National Park, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, or visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Of course, California is a massive state size-wise, so travelling from city to city might take longer than you think—San Francisco and San Diego is roughly a seven-hour drive—and you can’t expect to see everything. No matter which city or cities you pick, there will be an entertaining destination to visit.

New York

If you’re visiting New York, you should know that it is distinctly two separate personalities: New York City, and Upstate New York. New York City is an outstanding place that’s full of the hustle and bustle and truly never sleeps. From Broadway plays to some of the finest dining experiences in the world, NYC has it all as long as you don’t mind all the people. You could probably spend an entire trip just in New York City and still not run out of activities to do or destinations to see. After all, it was named the world’s best city for 2019, so how can you miss it?

— Featured photo by Flickr user razemendezm, Creative Commons