What to do in Saskatoon: Nightshirt, M.E.H! Foreplay, The Fast Romantics


It’s that festival time of the year when Saskatoon transforms into a hub of live music and local acts and touring groups alike converge into venues across the city. And capping off this year’s Nightshirt concert series is a number of seriously stacked bills that will keep you busy all week long. From the industrial pulse of Dri Hiev to the heavy atmospherics of The Basement Paintings to the dance vibes of Alex Bent to the overall awesomeness of Kacy & Clayton. Go to one, go to several, go to them all. See you in the pit.

M.E.H! Foreplay

Oh boy, a dragshow! In advance of Saskatoon Pride comes a number of saucy performances to tickle your fancy, this Wednesday at Amigos.

The Fast Romantics and Raeburn

A little rock action at the Capitol this Saturday? You betcha! Local openers playing a little bit earlier? You know it! A headlining band? Obvi!