Who is going to play at OMFEST 4?

Wanna know who else is playing at OMFEST 4? You’re going to have to wait until Friday

OMFEST 4 is coming. So we thought we would tease it a little by dropping a really vague hint. How vague? Let’s see if you can actually guess who else is playing.

Hint: Zuh?

But you should maybe already be excited, because this year’s OMFEST will include a headlining performance by Volcanoless in Canada who, we are told, are growing out their swoopy haircuts for maximum nostalgia.

Get stoked now!

OMFEST 4, a celebration of all things awesome and local, goes down on April 25th at Louis’. Now in its fourth year, OMFEST is a music festival that showcases Saskatchewan music in front of capacity audiences.

The full line-up, which features bands from across the province, will be unveiled this Friday. See you then!