Reality is a Saskatoon transit lockout: More songs about riding the bus

Ominocity’s soundtrack to Saskatoon’s transit lockout: Readers’ Choice

One of the best parts about writing a list is realizing all the things you forgot the first time around.

When we published our original soundtrack to Saskatoon’s transit lockout, we listed our five favourite songs about riding the bus.

A lot of you were kind enough to point out all the songs that we missed. Good on you.

For anyone who misses their transit, this one is for you: Here are five of our favourite songs about riding the bus: Readers’ Choices:

Beastie Boys – “Mark on the Bus”

“I ride on the bus into the city everyday
I sit on my seat and I dream myself away”

Violent Femmes – “Waiting For the Bus”

“Lets call the mayor lets complain
Looks like the city’s done to us again”

The Guess Who – “Bus Rider”

“Places to go, important people to meet
Better not get up or you might lose your seat”

Cobra Skulls – “Muniphobia”

“Just stay in your car I’ll stay in mine and we won’t bother anyone
Because I’m afraid of public transportation”

ZZ Top – “Waitin’ For The Bus”

“Have mercy, old bus be packed up tight.
Well, I’m glad just to get on and home tonight”

-Photo from Flickr user “blythe_d” – Creative Commons.