Little Criminals unleash Inclement Weather LP

Indie folk duo Thursday, September 11 at Christ Church Anglican

Little Criminals, an indie folk duo, is about to bust out their new full-length album, Inclement Weather, on Thursday, September 11 at Christ Church Anglican.

The CD, which band member Amanda Bestvater says was named after a line in one of the songs that was written during a particularly gloriously snowy April last year, was recorded by Cody Pauls of the Wizards at Christ Church Anglican and mastered by Jonathon Anderson. Featuring six originals and a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover, the album also includes musical guests such as Melissa Gan from Wolfen Rabbits and Maxwell Raeburn-Warner from the (tragically) disbanded Pandas in Japan.

And on the recently-released teaser single “You Smell Like Lies”, Bestvater and Taylor Long-Read combine their formidable individual talents to produce an eclectic mix of forest folk and psychedelic balladry. Oddly alluring with a penchant for playful vocal harmonies and spritely arrangements, the song is whimsical, even theatrical, yet is concise enough to never completely lose its way.

“We do like metaphors. And twists,” says Bestvater. “Our songs usually fall out of our brains unexpectedly and uninvited, taking shape as we build them up together. There are three on the album that we deliberately sat down and created a storyline for together. Two of them (‘You Smell Like Lies’ and ‘Lullabye’) were born out of a fascination with darkness, death, and magic. It’s probably safe to say that most of the songs we sit down and write together combine the darkest parts of our respective influences. All of our other songs are written separately based on whatever intricate, usually sad things are happening in our separate lives that we share with each other in harmonies and instrumentals.”

lil cramz2

For the release show Bestvater says that the duo are returning to the same church where they recorded Inclement Weather.

“It’s a very personal space that we are hoping to darken up a bit,” says Bestvater. “The owners of this church are the coolest, chillest people, so we’ve got a liquor license for the basement and Prairie Sun will be hooking us up with some tasty local brew.

“DJ Weatherboy is Cody’s solo project, a very creative fusion of jazzy, hip hop, trance pop and dance tunes,” she continues. “Our opener Patrick Brannen is a brilliant composer from Dreaming of Electric Sheep, who represent a beautiful moment in Saskatoon’s history of local bands. We are stoked to have Melissa Gan and Veronique Poulin (Vaero) playing a couple of the tracks with us.

“There is nothing more fun than orchestral experimentation.”

– Catch Little Criminals along with DJ Weatherboy and Patrick Brannen this Thursday, Sept. 11 at Christ Church Anglican.