Weezer at Sonic Boom Festival

Five reasons why you should attend Edmonton’s Sonic Boom festival

Sonic Boom music festival to take place from Aug. 29 to 31

Last year when we decided to go to Edmonton’s Sonic Boom we had no idea what the festival would be like or if it was even worth going. As it turns out, yes, it was fun. A tonne of fun actually.

Check out our photos from last year HERE.

Aside from getting to see the likes of Weezer, DFA 1979 and, errr, Blink 182, the festival itself ended up being a blast – few places will ever feature a punk rock vegan food truck.

So, total no-brainer, we are once again heading back: Here’s five reasons why we are excited for this year’s Sonic Boom festival.

Hint: We aren’t going because of Tegan and Sara…

Photo via Flickr user ClintJCL - Creative Commons
Photo via Flickr user ClintJCL – Creative Commons

The Descendents are playing!

We know of a bunch of people going who are ONLY going to see The Descendents. Why? Because aside from writing some of the most seminal, and catchy, punk rock anthems ever penned, these guys still put on one hell of a show. We saw them a couple of years ago in Toronto and one of their first songs was “I Like Food” – it was total magic. See you in the pit.

Photo from Flickr user “ActiveSteve” – Creative Commons
Photo from Flickr user “ActiveSteve” – Creative Commons

The Smalls are playing!

The first time I saw The Smalls play was in 1995. They had been booked at a strange all ages venue in the north end of Saskatoon in a warehouse on 51st Street. It was total bedlam – the crowd went absolutely apeshit and were literally throwing people in the air. The band toured for a decade, releasing four albums, before playing their final show in 2001. So any guess as to what kind of reaction their highly-anticipated reunion show is going to get? I could see a few people still getting excited…

Photo from Flickr user “MattArena88” – Creative Commons
Photo from Flickr user “MattArena88” – Creative Commons

Jack White is playing!

Aside from being a general all-around guitar god, apparently Jack White is also impervious to pain? A few days ago the performer suffered a seriously sprained ankle during a concert, and posted a photo of it on his Instagram account. Ouch, dude! Amazingly, White hasn’t cancelled any of his festival appearances. Although here’s betting there won’t be any high kicks during his set.

Photo from Flickr user “righton” – Creative Commons
Photo from Flickr user “righton” – Creative Commons

Death Cab for Cute are playing!

Recently, Death Cab for Cute announced that they were parting ways with long-time member Chris Walla – Sonic Boom is probably one of the last chances you will get to see him perform live with the band. It’s not all doom and gloom though – they are still releasing a new album in 2015. Eh.

Weezer at Sonic Boom Festival

There are some other bands playing, I guess… PARTY!

Sonic Boom is one of the few festivals we’ve attended where the VIP price was actually worth paying. In addition to no-line-up beer lines there are proper bathrooms as well. Swanky! And really, $7 for a festival beer isn’t really that bad – isn’t that what you normally pay in a Saskatchewan bar nowadays anyway? Ugh.