Six Moons Later launch video for “When The Wind Wakes Me”

The beach is back so lets all party

It’s summer so lets hit the beach. Except sometimes the beach has other plans.

Six Moons Later, a Saskatoon indie rock band, have just launched their video for the song “When The Wind Wakes Me”. Filmed at the foot of the Broadway Bridge, guitarist Anna Haverstock says that after the band shots were taken in June when the beach suddenly disappeared, resulting in a delay in production.

“It rained for ages, and I was discouraged wondering if it would ever reappear,” says Haverstock. “Then miraculously it happened, and it was perfect timing. So the beach party shots were done on a perfect beach day. Clear blue skies and all.

“On the day we filmed the band stuff it wasn’t very warm and Laura kept shivering throughout the shoot. But I was determined to look summery so I was decked out in beach wear.”

Definitely good timing – it’s the August long weekend and it’s gorgeous out. So, what to do?