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The Storefront gallery is launching a screen print exhibition

Reception for Paper Campaign show goes down on Thursday, July 31

The Storefront, a new-ish gallery located in The TwoTwenty building in Riversdale, has launched their second exhibition. Paper Campaign is a screen print poster show featuring eight local and national graphic designers and artists.

Gallery director Crystal Bueckert says that while the exhibition was originally conceived as a gig poster show, it has been expanded to include other forms of printmaking.

“There are a lot of people around Saskatoon who focus on printmaking as a form of art and also a form commercial work,” says Bueckert. “We have some fine artists, people with formal training, and people with silkscreen shops, people who do it informally and those who do it as a business. Part of that is to show the diversity of printmaking methods and how people use them and how they are interpreted. For example, gig posters can be made in editions as an art series, or sometimes they are plastered all over telephone poles.”

Screen print exhibition are, of course, nothing new to the city – you still have time to check out the Printed Matters Now show at the Gordon Snelgrove. But screen printed posters – specifically gig posters – are becoming more prominent in the city. The Broadway Theatre has been commissioning pieces for specific shows, and there have similarly been posters made for Sask Jazz Festival shows.

“It seems like there are more people who have started doing it,” agrees Bueckert. “It makes an event special and you can take something away from it.”

In addition to the exhibition, the gallery is also throwing a party. Because these things are always made better with wine and cheese, right? Of course, it’s also a chance to check out one of Saskatoon’s newest galleries.

“We are here to showcase local and national designers and artists,” says Bueckert. “Everything ranging from art to industrial design to textile design to graphic design. We want to use it as an education platform and increase Saskatoon’s vocabulary and to promote collaboration between designers and artists.”

The Paper Campaign show includes pieces from Hardpressed Print Studio, Raymond Biesinger, Chrix Morix, Odelay!, Benjamin Hettinga, Tim Neal, Ryan Schmidt, Taylor Pfeifer, Cate Francis and more.

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