Saskatoon’s Skylab Records launches house & techno label

Label launch party to take place Saturday, March 1 at Le Relais

If you had ever wandered into Lydia’s Loft (back when it was still a thing) on a Saturday night and found a room full of fist-pumping automatons on a cosmic dance floor then you’ve experienced a Skylab party.

For the last two and a half years, these local promoters have been throwing some of the best underground dance parties around, and they’ve done it by keeping it simple: small venues, great music and no egos. When Lydia’s Pub closed, Skylab moved to their new home at Le Relais, keeping the same intimate vibe that the loft had offered.

With the growth of their space-themed events, Skylab co-founder Dane Hanson paired up with francophone hip-hop artist Shawn Jobin to launch Skylab Records. “We knew we had something special after we saw the kind of reception we were getting at these parties,” says Hanson. “We realized that was have one of the most unique and talented electronic music communities in this country; we really believe that.

“There is a lot of talent right here in Saskatchewan and we wanted to showcase that.”

Saskatoon artists on the label so far include Kemical Reaktion, Kuley and both label-owners producing under the names Danger Bay and The Beat Attic, respectively. Former local Djaii, now in San Francisco, has also been added to the roster.

One of their most notable signings is that of Regina’s DJ Izn, whose YouTube videos have over one million views and have been featured on His “controllerism” performances blend traditional mixing with live elements which blur the lines between DJ and live remixer.

While the label has already posted a couple of releases online, they are celebrating their official launch this Saturday with a party at Le Relais, with all of the locally-based Skylab artists in attendance, spinning a wide variety of house and techno.

For more information on the event click HERE.

Check out the first Skylab release below: