Is chocolate soda any good – and more importantly can you drink it with booze?

It reminded us of being a kid and having to drink banana medicine

Chocolate soda.

It’s sort of a distasteful concept: a Frankenstein product that combines two otherwise likeable tastes and mashes them together in some creepy, unholy ritual.

But fusion cuisine isn’t really a new idea. After all, consider that we have Ballpark Hotdog flavoured potato chips, dessert pizza and bacon gum.

So why not chocolate soda?

But is it any good? And, more importantly, can you drink it with booze?

The soda itself reminded us of the time when we were kids and mixed chocolate syrup in with cola: Not completely unpleasant, and worth trying once.

Ominocity pooled together two of our most trusted taste-testers who didn’t seem overly squeamish about an odd soda mucking up their Thursday night liquoring, which consisted of PC brand chocolate-flavoured soda and whisky.

We call it a “Willy Wonky.”

Here are the results:

William Naire: It’s drinkable. I could have another one. But I don’t think I could get drunk off of this.

Victoria Allbright: It tasted kind of like this weird double-layer drink, like the chocolate was trying to hide something. It reminded me of being a kid and having to take a shot of banana medicine – it only tasted good because of the banana.

WN: I can’t get drunk behind chocolate soda.

VA: I want to say a ‘Chocolate Moe’ because it I feel like I could light it on fire and get the same satisfaction.

WN: But is it any good though?

VA: Well, it’s working.

Good enough.