Ominocity’s Guide to Songs About Winter

Singing about snow and winter is a good way to depress your listeners

It’s winter again. Sweet.

But while that may or may not be completely and utterly depressing for you, depending on where you live, that also means it’s a really good time to start brushing up on your winter playlists. And your winter driving skills.

Here are some of Ominocity’s favourite songs about winter – feel free to tell us what we missed:

Wintersleep – “Snowstorm”

In addition to having the most-appropriate name for the season, Wintersleep has written the ultimate broody ode to winter depression ever. The line “I’ll fix you a drink if you need it/and it looks like you need it/the weather’s hitting so hard I can’t believe it/how did you ever drive through it?” probably sums up every thought I’ve ever had while driving on Saskatchewan highways between the months of November to April.

Iron & Wine – “Winter Prayers”

Singer-songwriter Sam Beam, known by the stage and recording name Iron & Wine, has an intensely lulling voice. The kind of voice that could easily put you into a state of hibernation – an idea that is increasingly becoming more attractive. Sigh.

Kurt Vile – “Snowflakes are Dancing”

On the contrary, despite being sort of pretty, Kurt Vile is typically on the more abrasive side of folk-punk-weirdo-whatever. Tellingly, this song reminds of me getting a facewash – you know, when your “best friend” comes up behind you and rubs a handful of snow in your snoot? Ugh.

Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Snowed In/Cruisin'”

Joel Plaskett is the master of writing road trippin’ songs. Or at least he used to be. Regardless, this is a good one about driving in the winter, or, more accurately, why you shouldn’t.

d.b.s. – “Snowball”

This song is actually kind of uplifting. And hilarious. And… Dedicated to anyone who remembers ’90s pop punk and when bands wore matching striped T-shirts on stage without any shame or irony whatsoever. Double sigh.

– Featured photo from Flickr user “K. Praslowicz” – Creative Commons.