Black Metal Bingo is the best thing to happen to Saskatoon

Meet your next favourite event: bingo, beer, beef and Bathory

Not too sure why, but what was once the world’s bloodiest and most violent genre of music is now an endless source of amusement.

Back in the 1990s, the Norwegian black metal scene was at the epicenter of a series of crimes and controversy, including church burnings and murder. It was actually pretty intense, with reports of over 50 arsons of Christian churches in Norway between 1992 to 1996.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget about the band Mayhem, who are widely considered to be the Chuck Berry of European black metal.

When Mayhem’s lead singer, who was unfortunately given the stage moniker “Dead”, was found with slit wrists and a shotgun blast to the head, band mate Euronymous reportedly had made a stew with bits of his brain and jewelry out of pieces of his skull. Two years later, Euronymous was stabbed 23 times by bassist Varg Vikernes.

Black Metal BingoNowadays, black metal has become a bit more user-friendly. Especially when it comes in the form of bingo.

Going down at Louis’ at the U of S, Black Metal Bingo is, essentially, bingo hosted by dudes in corpse paint. Also, brutal metal plays the whole time. Hosted by Leif Svartblod Krakenskull and his ghoulish minion Morgue Anne Billard, participants are encouraged to get corpse-y. And drunk. And to yell things.

Also, there are meat draws, which, if you are a vegetarian, are utterly unholy.

It is also the best thing to happen to Saskatoon.

Ominocity recently met up with Krakenskull and Morgue Anne for an interview on whores, despair and the hilarity of senior citizens. We are thankful that no one was hurt in the exchange.

Ominocity: We all know the bingo parlours of yore – smoky rooms filled with bucked-tooth women puffing on virgin reefer – so why Black Metal and bingo?

Morgue Anne: Much like said parlours filled with the whores of humanity, the lives we live are also grim and plagued with the despair of our decaying world.

OM: Okay… weird. So, best black metal albums to listen to during bingo? Discuss.

Leif Svartblod Krakenskull: Definitely any early Bathory or Venom, because those dudes are all senior citizens now. Ha ha! But really, I’d say weird dungeon synth like Lord Wind or Burzum’s non-terrible prison stuff, because it really makes bingo feel like a dark ritual.

Black Metal Bingo goes down this Friday, October 11 at Louis’ at 8 PM. It’s free so don’t be dumb.

– Pictures by Aaron Soulz