Beer Bacon Bands is a total party: Get ready to stuff your mouth, ears and liver

Get ready Saskatoon. You are about to be taken over by hoards of meat-lovin’, hair-bangin’, beer-imbibin’ party people who just want to eat bacon and rock out forever.

Beer Bacon Bands, which goes down on November 27 and 28 at TCU Place, is one-part boozy trade show, one part rock show and one part BBQ.

Imagine inhaling a number of wild, sizzling bacon creations whipped up by some of the province’s top chefs while holding one or three majorly delicious draughts all the while fist-pumping to some ass-shaking tunes.

Expect to see the likes of The Dudes, The Johnny McCuaig Band, The Pistolwhips, DJ Baby Daddy and more.

That’s pretty much Beer Bacon Bands, and it’s all in the name of a wickedly hedonistic time, says Rawk Entertainment promoter Mike Ash.

“With the recent craft beer explosion – which has been happening elsewhere for years – I think Saskatchewan has finally tapped into that scene,” says Ash.

“We wanted to create a festival to showcase that talent.”

The event has a heavy focus on craft beer, with over 100 different kinds of libations for attendees to sample. Of course, if beer isn’t your thing there are plenty of other ways to get loaded and have a good time – there is a hard liquor area with themed drinks.

And yes, tequila. Lots of it.

Ash credits the debut event earlier this year in Regina with helping to lead the province’s craft beer charge.

“I think we helped to introduce a lot of up-and-coming brewers to a lot of new beer-thusiasts,” said Ash.

January 2015 was the first event in the Queen City, with over 4,000 people rolling in over the weekend. Beer Bacon Bands returns to Regina on January 29 and 30 in 2016.

But if you are in Saskatoon then why wait until then? But until then, here are three things to know about Beer Bacon Bands:

There is an after party featuring High Kicks and Castle River

Remember Castle River? A Saskatoon duo that crafted some serious catchy and melodic off-kilter pop-rockets, the group seemed to burn up the local indie rock-o-sphere before riding off into the sunset without so much as a guitar squelch goodbye.

Scratch that though, because now they are back.

“Recently we have spent some time writing a few new tunes and we felt the need to start playing shows again,” says guitarist and singer Matt Folkerson.

“It’s now been over a year and a half stars since our last show and we are excited to share some new songs as well as few old ones too.”

So stoked!

Come prepared (to fight for your right to party)

With tons of vendors in attendance, you might not get to try everything, so why not narrow down to things you really want to try, says Ash.

“We create a party atmosphere from the moment the doors open, so hit the booths you want to hit, because you might get sucked into the vortex of the party.”

Prepare to drink, but also make sure to save some room for that bacon thing as well.

“Bacon just rolls off the tongue, and with the chefs creating something with just bacon – and last time we had someone roll out a bacon chocolate cupcake – there is a chance to sample things you would never get to otherwise.”

Here’s your chance to get in to Beer Bacon Bands for free!

Want to get your party on? Ominocity has four pairs of tickets to give away. To enter comment below with your best bacon-themed band name (ie. Van Bacon, Iron Bacon, DRAKEon). We’ll announce the winners Monday morning!