Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Jedburgh: Photo Essay

Life is still found in the artistic expression on some of the old buildings of Jedburgh

Jedburgh is a very rural ghost town forgotten in the dust out about 15 kilometres south of Highway 16 at the village of Theodore, SK, about 45 minutes from Yorkton.

According to the book Our Towns by David McLennan, Jedburgh reached peak population in 1951 with 92 residents. Today, it is a mere shadow of that with about ten inhabitants.

There is a faded building for Reliance Lumber, which holds true to its name as it still maintains a decent structure.

I found an old library hiding behind some trees. There were not many books left except for a few ‘Prairie Books From Home’ lying on the floor. Unfortunately the door was locked so I had to postpone reading hour.

The only remaining activity seems to be contained at the local post office and RM of Garry office. Other than that, some life is still found in the artistic expression on some of the old buildings.

It’s hard to believe Jedburgh once had four grain elevators operating which closed over 40 years ago.

Jedburgh 1
jedburgh 4
Jedburgh 3
Jedburgh 2
Jedburgh 5
Jedburgh 6
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jedburgh 10

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