The Basement Paintings announce upcoming shows in support of new debut album: Review

Post-rock instrumental group to play September 27 at Vangelis

The Basement Paintings, a post-rock instrumental group from Saskatoon, are gearing up for their next local appearance following the release of their debut self-titled CD.

The four-piece will be playing on September 27 at Vangelis.

Formed in 2011, the members of The Basement Paintings came from the Kindersley area and eventually relocated to Saskatoon. Having been involved in the group of friends that would make grilled cheeses in a back yard and blast metal, the band came from the prairies scene that would eventually spawn the Grilledcheesapolooza music festival.

On disc, the group bends several genres into a massive palette of heaviosity. Combining prog, metal and ambient textures, The Basement Paintings add several unorthodox instrumental flourishes that keep the album from bottoming out with sludge and doom. Regardless, the album is very much centered around complex guitar riffs and leads, allowing the rhythm section to fill in the gaps. On the track “Sharp & Dull”, spacey noises permeate throughout grinding bass riffs while never losing a sense of groove.

While several of the songs on the disc stretch out to the nine-minute mark and beyond, but The Basement Paintings is a continually engaging listen that should appeal to fans of metal and shoegaze.

Also, some of the song titles are funny, which is actually really important.

Ominocity recently caught up with guitarist Justin Thompson of The Basement Paintings for a chat about greasy metal, grilled cheese and long, flowing dreadlocks.

Ominocity: What sort of influences did you bring to this band when you first started? Has that changed?

Justin Thompson: We all pretty much started out playing loud, greasy metal music. We eventually got into playing more progressive and psychedelic stuff. Nowadays we think a lot about somewhat ambient textural vibes that we try to morph into the hottest grooves that we can manage to come up with to make people feel sexy movement. Definitely a lot of genres flavouring those two objectives, but it is pretty much what we aim for right now.

OM: What kind of non-musical elements do you incorporate into your live show?

JT: For live shows we usually play in front of a couple big projector screens pumping out visuals to complement the songs. Also Evan our bass player has pretty crazy dreads that go extra wild during headbanging and seem to produce a lot of cool pictures.

OM: What do you have coming up for shows? New recordings?

JT: We’ve got a show at Vangelis on September 27, which should be pretty nifty. We’re trying to get an opening slot at Amigos in October, and we’re working to line up a show in late November with another spacey instrumental rock group we met recently called Electric Grapevine.

We will also be recording a new tune with a friend, the founder of Grilledcheesapolooza, at the Recording Arts Institute in November. Should be pretty epic and similar in feel to our song ‘Desert Surfer.’

– Photo credit: Logan McManus