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Untimely Demise kick off tour in advance of new album: Interview

Metal group to play Amigos with Shooting Guns, Vulture Kult and Rehashed

Saskatoon thrash titans Untimely Demise are kicking off their Eastern Canadian tour with a mammoth of a locals-only gig at Amigos on March 15, along with Shooting Guns, Vulture Kult and Rehashed, who are similarly embarking on a tour of Western Canada.

The tour comes in advance of Untimely Demise’s new album, entitled Systematic Eradication, which was recorded in Toronto this past summer with ex-Megadeth/King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover.

Ominocity had a chance to catch up with bassist Murray Cuthbertson about the new LP, which is expected to drop this summer, as well as driving 6000 km across Canada to record with a metal legend.

Ominocity: Tell us about Systematic Eradication.

Murray Cuthbertson: Our forthcoming LP represents another mammoth step forward for Untimely Demise, not only in terms of songwriting, playing and construction, but also in aural diversity. At this point we know that thrash metal is intrinsic in our musical fiber – this is evident in new banger-anthems ‘Spiritual Embezzlement’ and ‘Somali Pirates’ – but it has also been refreshing to let some of the crushingly heavy songs breathe a little during the bridges.

There is a stand alone song like ‘The Last Guildsman’ which runs the gamut from a clean melodic intro, to a death metal verse, to a progressive harmonized thrash section and then somehow reverts back to center without sounding like you are trying to serve too many masters. This album blends powerful clean and death vocals together for an evil timbre that has not be present in our previous efforts. As a writer you tend to get too meticulous when it comes to crafting the perfect song, rhythm, solo, etc. so this time Matt came into the studio with 60 percent of the solos pre-composed and then freestyled the rest intuitively – this works well if you are always practicing and familiar with the keys that you are playing in.

I think the little things like that make a better album because it is primarily composed like classical music, but it preserves the jazz/metal/punk edge that makes music exciting to listen to in a recorded and live environment.

OM: What it has been like recording with Glen Drover?

MC: It is always a pleasure and an honour to work with a musical genius that has played in some of the most quintessential bands in the metal genre, like Megadeth, King Diamond and Testament. This marks the third time that we have recorded with him in his Toronto studio (Eclipse Studios) and it is well worth the 6000 km round trip by car . Initially we went to work with Glen in November 2008 to have someone that understood what thrash metal production was supposed to sound like, but as we became friends we realized there were so many other reasons to work with him. The guy is an amazing guitar player, well-versed not only in metal but also in jazz, classical, ’70’s prog-rock and more.

Glen has been so stoked on the songs that we have brought to him that he volunteered to lay down sick solos on each album – you don’t get that kind of shot-in-the-arm working with someone that is just a typical engineer/computer geek. His ear has also bolstered us in the studio, because if something isn’t working he can quickly recommend a suitable revision – doesn’t happen lots, but it is nice not to hit a brick wall when you are under a sonic microscope.

Aside from all of his professional and technical assistance, we have a blast hanging with Glen – every studio day ends with visits to a local pub or patio, were we shoot the shit and talk about music, tour stories, the philosophy of music, and just the nuances of everyday life. Also have some good old ‘que’ (BBQ) sessions out there in the summer and even hit up the pool on hot days. It is refreshing to see one of your musical idols be such a down to earth cool dude in real life.

Untimely Demise tour dates:
March 15 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigos
March 16 – Winnipeg, MB – Windsor
March 20 – Quebec City, QC – Scanner Bistro
March 21 – Trois Rivieres, QC – Rock Cafe Le Stage
March 22 – Montreal, QC – Le Katacombes
March 23 – Sherbrooke, QC – Bar Le Saloon
March 24 – Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club

Untimely Demise will also be playing in Regina at The Exchange on April 14 as support for 3 Inches Of Blood and Goatwhore as well as an upcoming slot at this year’s Calgary Metal Fest in June.