Wasted Cathedral: Download of the Week

Side project of Shooting Guns guitarist is a glorioursly dirge-y carwreck

Saskatoon’s Wasted Cathedral, the drone/dirge/noise project of Shooting Guns guitarist Chris Laramee, has recently released a six-song EP.

wasted cathedral album

Featuring Chad Munson on three of the tracks, who has been in roughly a dozen or so bands with Laramee over the past decade, the EP showcases instrumental noise scrapes and straight, unblinking keyboard jams. Wild stuff.

With several upcoming shows, including opening for Slow Down Molasses at Amigos on March 8 and playing a Pop Quiz party on March 9 at Lepps, Laramee says Wasted Cathedral live shows are one offs, and never plays the songs he’s recorded.

“Inspiration includes Michael Mann’s crime classic Thief, moving furniture around alphabet city, Flying Saucer Attack and partial deafness,” says Laramee. “Future plans are combing through hours of tape and releasing a whole slew of stuff. Oh, also Dub Ditch Tapes outta Winnipeg are gonna put out a new tape of WC soon.

“Still trying to play on top of the Robin Hood mill at 33rd and Warman.”

Would go to that show.