The Wizards unleash Loser Surf Death: Review

Saskatoon psych-surf group gear up for EP release party

The Wizards, a Saskatoon psych-surf four-piece, will be releasing their six-song EP Loser Surf Death this Friday, March 8 at Vangelis.

And man alive it’s a ripper.

Immaculately recorded by some folks who graduated from the Recording Arts Institute in Saskatoon, Loser Surf Death opens with some total surf-y ‘verbed-out guitar washes amidst sludge thumps before completely taking a stylistic left turn towards sun-baked psych rock.

I’ve always wondered how the prairies could produce such authentic sounding surf-rock – remember the group Hawaiian Mafia from back in the day anyone? The Wizards totally nail it.

The vocals are appropriately understated with retro guitar noodling taking over the reins on this fantastic voyage. And with an utterly solid rhythm section sitting shotgun, The Wizards have a clear shot at becoming one of the next buzzed-about prairies rock groups.

There is one point of confusion – the band’s Facebook page says their name is “Nobody and The Wizards” while everything else points in the direction of the much more succinct moniker “The Wizards”. Definitely not something to get all cyclone dick bust about but… zuh?

Joining The Wizards at Vangelis are guests Kieran Blake, Stephen Cooley and Body LVL.