Local musician launches new Saskatoon record label

Hairdu Records to release several new albums in 2013

Hairdu Records, a Saskatoon-based record label founded by musician Jason Hattie, has recently launched their website and plan on issuing albums from local acts.

Hattie says that Hairdu will be releasing a new 911 Turbo album, GoldHeart’s debut EP as well new material from Secret Squares and Kusch.

“Most projects on the label will be releasing singles, EPs and videos within the next few months,” says Hattie. “I think the majority of the imminent releases are going to be digital, with some of the more established artists – 911 Turbo, Ricky Rock, Secret Squares – doing physical on their EPs and LPs. We’re looking at vinyl for a few projects, and possibly even some split 7”’s. We’re also exploring phone and tablet apps.

“There is also this pipe dream of releasing a VHS for somebody. I personally really want that to happen because VHS is fucking badass.”

While the label is mostly associated with dance and electronic music, Hattie says that the goal of Hairdu Records is to get audiences into new artists. The label will be dropping a mixtape Tuesday, Jan. 15, which will include new tracks from the roster and some extra features on a couple tracks.

And, of course, there’s gonna be a party.

“We just confirmed our launch party at Louis’ on Feb 8th, which is really exciting as we’re going to have Bitchface, Kusch from Secret Squares, Ricky Rock, Oakatron and 911 Turbo doing sets so everyone can come see what Hairdu is all about.”

Tickets for the Hairdu launch party are $10 and are available at Louis’ and other locations.