Ominocity presents: The MoSoFest 2014 mixtape

The countdown to MoSoFest has begun – festival launches June 12 – 14

Summer festivals are like secret crushes – from afar they are attractive with strong personalities. But the more time you spend getting to know them reveals the little nuances that you grow to love – hidden quirks and endearing traits.

This upcoming MoSoFest has it’s share of woo-worthy headliners – Atlas Sound, Library Voices, KEN Mode, and Ghettosocks to name a few. But each year there are always those groups, both touring and a few local gems, that you’ve never heard of but are totally goosebump-inducing in their own right.

Take some time to get to know some music you haven’t yet fallen in love with – you never know who you’re going to meet at these things.

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