Saskatoon cheap food

Ominocity’s Guide To Saskatoon’s Cheapest Meals

Five locations to eat locally when thrift matters more than taste

Editor’s Note – It’s getting harder to find a decent cheap meal in this city – things cost more than they used to for some reason! Regardless, with a little digging, a decent plate of grub can still be found in the princely price range of $5 or so. Also, let us know if we missed anything on our never-ending quest to stuff our pie holes on the cheap.

Cesar’s Cakes & Café

Cesar’s might not be the best place for breakfast downtown, but it’s hard to argue with toast, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns for $4.75. Also, being able to order a grilled cheese and fries for $5.95 is a major plus, but I especially appreciate the opportunity to get a dollar off if I want to forego the fries.

Bonus: the décor reminds me of grandma’s creepy basement.


For some reason everyone complains about Louis’, but they are serving the needs of the student body by offering several $7 cheapo options.

Bonus: dollar draft totally counts as a meal.

Earthbound Bakery and Delicatessen

Aside from baking some of Saskatoon’s most impressive croissants, Earthbound Bakery, located on 8th Street next to Mano’s, offers a mammoth sandwich on freshly baked bread for $5 even.

Bonus: rumour has it that you can flirt your way into a free coffee but I say beware – these girls can smell bullshit a mile away and won’t think twice about tearing a strip off of you.

EE Burritos

Screw TacoTime and their self-loathing Sunday special of five tacos for $5 – EE Burritos makes a budget taco ($2) that doesn’t taste like dryer lint and hog anus.

Bonus: on Friday’s they have free salsa dancing lessons.

Mr. Pizza

A cheap pizza is very rarely a good pizza. But even so, there is something really satisfying about Mr. Pizza’s $6 medium cheese pizza (pick-up special) even if it comes with a hefty dose of equal parts guilt and glut. Then again, if you are buying a sketchy takeout pizza you probably have a gut, and conscience, of steel.

Bonus: there isn’t a Mrs. Pizza – I asked and the guy said no.