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Ominocity’s Guide To Saskatoon’s Cheapest Meals: Reader’s Choice

local cheapskates weigh in on where to eat on the cheap

When it comes to tracking down a budget buffet, Ominocity readers are a tenacious bunch.

Yesterday we posted Ominocity’s Guide To Saskatoon’s Cheapest Meals and got several additions from our readers. Here’s our favourites:

“You missed Mel’s diner on 11th! Cheapest by far and the hugest portions!”

“Nice list, but I’m shocked that you missed both Thiens and Golden Pagoda. $5.95 lunch specials and two of the best, cheap meals you can find anywhere!”

“You forgot Mel’s $3.75 breakfast. Best/Cheapest in the city.”

“Thien Vietnam. Best noodle bowl in town for only $6.50 (or you can order Special #1 for $5.95).”

“Hot tip: Mulberry’s has $3.25 breakfast. (coffee included!) I haven’t had it yet but there’s no way it’s not worth it at that price.”

“No mention of Yard [and Flagon] poutine for $6?”

“Panchos Pizza, $15 XL pizza, no matter HOW many toppings you get!”

And Ominocity’s personal favourite…

“[There’s] a pretty decent chef salad with fresh romaine lettuce and a whole hardboiled egg only $4.20 at the Robin’s Donuts tucked inside the STC bus depot downtown.”

Take that haters!

-Photo taken from Flickr user “Stu Woody Wood” – Creative Commons.