SevenFortySeven: Retro Download

Sevenfortyseven (or 747) was a project born from my fascination with cassette tapes, guitar noise, and lo-fi recording techniques. Initially started in 2007 as some kind of weird shoegaze band in my hometown of Saskatoon, we self-released two albums of strange experiments.

Then the project kind of dissolved as other ones were beginning.

Art is especially hard to make a living off of when you’re playing and giving everything away for free

In those days I put out lots of different music under different pseudonyms, spending long periods of time recording whatever, and it was nice. Then at some point I found myself very broke and unable to pay the rent anymore.

Art is especially hard to make a living off of when you’re playing and giving everything away for free.

So, it was winter ’08/’09 and I had no place to live. I packed up everything I owned except for a backpack and guitar and hit the road for two years. I managed to make a humble living from busking in cities across Canada and even bummed around Europe for a bit playing banjo and singing in a folk duo.

Somewhere near the end of these travels I found myself, once again, very much broke, tired and depressed. I decided to head home, which didn’t actually exist anymore, so I headed to my mom’s house in Winnipeg to stay there for a couple weeks. It was May 2010 and I was 22-years-old. Quite some time had passed since I recorded anything worth a damn (or even had the means to record anything at all), so I decided it was time to get back at it.

I had a few instrumental guitar songs half-written that I didn’t know what to do with, so I started recording them with a very stripped-down setup and it sounded kind of interesting to me. That’s how Be Free came into existence. I wrote and mixed and improvised almost everything in about a week before I recorded it to tape in the guest room of my mom’s house. This was the third (and last) release under the 747 moniker; I don’t know why, but it seemed fitting to use that name even though I’d already been using a different one since 2008.

I think of this EP as our lo-fi, wish-washy psychedelic acoustic guitar picnic. It’s a small picnic, but it’s nice.

These days you can find me in Saskatoon playing bass for The Wizards, or performing with the Unsatisfied Poets.

For anyone interested in hearing more music, they can find it on Bandcamp or Reverbnation.

Also, there are assloads of my older albums/EPs/whatever on this blog.

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— Submitted by Aron Zacharias.