Regina band has gear stolen in Saskatoon

Local musicians warned to be on the lookout for stolen gear

Members of Regina’s Chronobot have reported that their gear has been stolen in Saskatoon from their van, which at the time was parked by the CO-OP on 8th Street on Friday, October 26.

Below is a list of what was stolen. Contact the band HERE if you have any information as to the whereabouts of any of these pieces.

Chronobot aren’t the first band to have their gear stolen from their van while in the vicinity of 8th Street on the city’s east side. On Friday, July 20, Bright Light Social Hour from Austin, Texas had their van robbed as well – that story can be found HERE.

Also, it should go without saying that gear thieves are pretty much the worst scum out there. Fuckers.

Marshall 4×12 guitar cabinet (‘1960 lead’)
Orange ad30-htc guitar head
Music Man Stringray 5 Bass w/matching ‘stringray 5’ case
RT20 Rotary simulator pedal
Roland Space Echo pedal
Peavey Mark VI bass head
MOSFET full-tone bass drive pedal
Boss Chrous Ensemble pedal
Boss Tuner
and Pedal-Train Board.
MusicMan HD-130 212 combo amp
MusicMan RD-130 212 cab
Yamaha CP-30 electric piano
Gibson SG – Walnut stain, old school look, comes in a generic case with NO stickers or markings
Two hardshell pedal board cases
Korg Tuner pedal
Mojo Hand FX Collossus Fuzz (Green and black)
Ibanez Tube Screamer (ts9 DX 4-knob version)
Boss Blues Driver
Morley Power Fuzz Wah (huge looking wah with a power cord)
Musitronics Octaver Divider REPLICA (totally unmarked grey pedal with 2 knobs and 2 switches)
EHX Small Stone Phaser – sovtek version, big and black with red writing ‘made in russia’
EHX stereo clone theory chorus
Boss RS-20 Loop Station
MXR Carbon Copy analog delay
EHX Memory Boy analog delay
Morley ABY switcher pedal
Morley ABC switcher pedal
Chamber of Sounds devices:
Jupiter III synth – flat grey w/ orange writing
Droneulator Synth – sparkle green, quite distinctive
LSD 2.0 delay pedal – also sparkle green

Orange AD30-HTC Head 041810610
Stingray BASS- e60185
Full tone PEDAL-02481
PEDAL Board-model # 013223
Rotary PEDAL -zu33409
Space echo PEDAL -bc10061
Chorus PEDAL-qu70989
Tuner PEDAL-wx71454

For more pictures of the gear click HERE.