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Ominocity Asks the Tough Questions to Saskatoon Electorial Candidates

Candidates asked to participate in Twitter poll question: Who is your favourite band?

Saskatoon heads to the polls for the upcoming municipal and school board elections on October 24, 2012.

While Ominocity officially remains non-partisan, we highly encourage everyone to research the candidates and participate in the electoral process. However, for those seeking answers to all the tough questions, we asked candidates running for mayor and city council the following burning question:

Who is your favourite musician/band?

Here’s how this went down. First we went to the website and contacted every candidate who had a Twitter account. Yeah, yeah, that leaves out several candidates. But, without passing judgement, in this day and age if you are running for public office you would be well advised to use Twitter. Besides, Twitter offers a public forum for questions that you just don’t get with email.

Answers are posted in the order that we received them.

Why did we conduct this polling? Because we believe that musical tastes offers a glimpse of who they are as a person. And we are certainly not here to put someone in a position of judgement either – this is meant to be a fun way to get to know a bit more about Saskatoon’s candidates.

And now for the poll:

The following candidates did not have a Twitter account at the time of the polling:
Clay Mazurkewich (Mayor)
Owen Fortosky (Ward 2)
Robert Godfrey (Ward 2)
Howard Fullford (Ward 6)
Mike Bzowey (Ward 7)
Tony Obrigewitch (Ward 7)
Margaret Peters (Ward 7)
Eric Olauson (Ward 8)
Sharon Wingate (Ward 8)
Dennis Nowoselsky (Ward 9)

The following candidates did not answer our question at time of publication:
Robin Bellamy (Ward 1)
Pat Lorje (Ward 2)
Randy Donauer (Ward 5)
Bev Dubois (Ward 10)

Now for election info. Here is how this thing is going down:

Oct. 13-20 – Advance Polls
Oct. 19 – Mobile Poll application deadline
Oct. 24 – Election Day, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; deadline date for receipt of mail-in ballots
Oct. 29 – New Council sworn in

For more information consult the following links:

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