Ominocity Pub Golf: Meetup & Pub Crawl

Ominocity Pub Golf: Meetup & Pub Crawl Reminder

Mayhem to commence tomorrow at 7!

If you like chugging beers and dressing in plaid, boy do we have an event for you!

Join us tomorrow for a walking pub crawl and come get boozy with your favourite local bloggers. Please RSVP on Facebook if you plan to attend and be sure to plan a safe ride home!

Pub Golf Rules

Pub Golf combines the rules of golf with the glory of binge drinking. We’ll be playing a 9 hole course where each “hole” is a different pub and each sip of your drink is considered a “stroke”. Wear appropriate golf attire and meet at the first hole (Amigos) where you will be paired up with another “pro” (drinking buddy) and given a scorecard detailing the pubs we will visit and the drinks to be consumed, along with the “par” value they have been assigned.

For example, one pub might be assigned a par one with a shot of tequila while another might be a par four with a pint of Guinness.

Your partner will verify your score and the course will take us to various bars along Broadway and Downtown that we will walk to as a group to ensure everyone’s safety.

The winner of Pub Golf will be the person with the lowest score and will be the admiration of their friends and family. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by dance off at the end of the night.

Complete the course with the lowest possible score of 9 and you’re a bloody champ!


– Failure to dress in appropriate golf attire will result in a 2 stroke penalty. (No need to go all out, but add a little golf flair to your ensemble).
– Cheating or spilling your drink will result in a 2 stroke penalty.
– Delaying the group when we are ready to leave for the next hole will result in a 2 stroke penalty.
– Substituting your drink for another of equivalent par value will result in a 2 stroke penalty. (Exceptions: Those with health or moral reasons to substitute drinks may do so without penalty.)
– Vomiting is discouraged and will result in a 4 stroke penalty. Save yourself while vomiting by shouting “FORE!” and only be penalized 3 strokes.
– Skipping a drink, failing to finish your drink, or switching a drink for personal preference will result in receiving the maximum score of 7 for that hole.

Please meet at 6:45 sharp to ensure that we have enough time to complete the course.

Pub Golf Schedule

7:00 Amigos – Pint of Original 16 – Par 3
7:30 Vangelis – Gin & Juice – Par 2
8:00 Lydia’s – Jag Bomb – Par 1
8:30 O’Shea’s – Pint of Rickard’s Red – Par 3
9:00 302 – Vodka Cooler – Par 3
9:30 The Pat – Tequila – Par 1
10:00 Winston’s – Pint of Guinness – Par 4
10:30 Yard & Flagon – Rye & Coke – Par 2
11:00 Hose & Hydrant – Smirnoff Ice – Par 3