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Seahags release new album: Review

Saskatoon six-piece drop full-length LP entitled Good ‘n’ Greasy

Rich Taylor, promoter and local gadfly, once told me a story about trying to explain to a co-worker what exactly was meant by the term “good ‘n’ greasy.” That story always stuck with me, mostly due to my own theories.

seahags good'n'greasy

Good ‘n’ greasy could refer to that hangover breakfast that simultaneously makes you feel better and worse, where you eat eggs even though you don’t like eggs and you end up combing out your hair in the bathroom sink with a stolen fork.

I wouldn’t put it past anyone to use “good ‘n’ greasy” as a code word for sexy times

It could also describe that cast iron frying pan that sits at the cabin and is only ever used two months of the year but cooks camping food to perfection every time.

Also, I wouldn’t put it past anyone to use “good ‘n’ greasy” as a code word or secret handshake for sexy times, especially those trysts that are covert, clandestine or blow over .08.

The Seahags, a Saskatoon six-piece folk/gospel rock group who just released their first full-length album entitled Good ‘n’ Greasy, bring a whole new meaning to the term.

Good ‘n’ Greasy, specifically the ‘Hag album and not the other things, is a cross-over between traditional folk and country, gospel and grunge. The songs follow an easy and obvious pace, sort of like a mid-afternoon stroll with your honey that starts with a scenic tour of interesting rocks and trees and ends with a cat-call.

Tellingly, the song “Skillet”, with a sly string lead and a sultry chorus of getting boozy and/or goosey, serves as the album’s theme song.

Catch the Seahags at this year’s Ness Creek Festival in northern Saskatchewan – on Friday (technically Saturday) at 2am and on Sunday at 10:30am – for a lesson on “good ‘n’ greasy.”