Ominocity’s Guide to Summer Road Trip Games

Five Car Games for your Summer Road Trip Tour by The Seahags

Editor’s Note – April of the Seahags wrote this one – a guide to the silly/stupid/smart games we all play when we embark on a road trip/tour. Some of my personal favourites not mentioned here are What’s That Smell?, Best Sandwich Ever and Make The Drummer Cry.

Oh yeah, the Seahags are embarking on a summer tour, including an appearance at this year’s Ness Creek Festival. They are planning a tour fundraiser BBQ today, Friday the 13th, and you can either check out the event on Facebook or consult your local ‘Hag.

The Alphabet Game

This really consists of using the alphabet creatively to list things off from A to Z. At one point we listed off things that happened during the weekend (ie: A for alcohol, B for bugspray, and C for cooler-raided cupcakes). We’ve also listed off towns in Saskatchewan. Hint: there’s an X-Ray, SK.

Radio Game

Our new Haggin’ Wagon has a broken radio so we have to get creative when it comes to listening to music. The Radio Game entails listing off a radio station and then having someone sing a song they think would be played on that station. For example, one ‘Hag says “soft-rock station” and Brenda Jackson sings “every time I look at you I go blind.”

Cow Poker

There are tons of versions of this game out there, however, this is the Seahags version:

• If you pass cows on your side of the car you get a point
• If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car it kills all your points
• If you pass milk cows on your side of the car you get two points
• And if you pass a herd of beefalo, it’s the be all end all, and you automatically win

Chicken Butt

Apparently this is a Brenda Jackson original. The dialogue goes like this:
Brenda Jackson: guess what… chicken-brush!
‘Hags: chicken-rush?
‘Hags: chicken-mush?
‘Hags: chicken-gush?
‘Hags: chicken-plush?
Brenda Jackson: you got it! chicken-plush!

The ‘Hag (or person) who guesses correctly now takes the role of Brenda Jackson (or leader) and makes up the new rhyme.

The Anal Game

I’m pretty sure it was Michael Small from The Meligrove Band that taught me this one. It’s simple: you put the word ANAL in front of the names of RV’s. Common ones are the Anal Frontier, the Anal Cougar, and the Anal Expedition. The other week on a Seahags roadtrip we spotted an Anal Slumber Queen.

–Contributed by April Josephine of the Seahags