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Feral Children release new EP: Interview

Saskatoon band plans extensive cross-Canada tour in support of new release

Feral Children, a Saskatoon psych-pop band, has recently released a new five song EP entitled SunSon in support of their upcoming cross-Canada tour.

The EP, which was recorded and mastered by Chad Munson, is the group’s strongest release yet and features a live band recording – a stark contrast from early Feral Children recordings, says band ringleader Ryan Davidson.

The songs on SunSon explore a breezier pop sound

“Since the full length I think we have really progressed in the way we interact with our samples and beats,” says Davidson. “The band has taken more of a hold on the songs and the way in which they work. All for the better. They have changed the structure and the dynamics within each song creating a much more surprising and interesting listen.”

As evidenced by the title, the songs on SunSon explore a breezier pop sound despite still retaining the band’s beats and meandering glitch-guitar lines. At the forefront of the EP is Davidson’s voice, which drives the entire Feral Children vehicle forward – it seems strange to use vocals as a psych band’s lead instrument, but in this case it is an amazing experiment that works on every level.

Although the recording on the EP features Davidson, Will Kaufhold, Bennett Dobni and Sarah Charters, the band has since gone through a few line-up changes with Charters departing and Dobni leaving (temporarily?) for adventures abroad.

“I feel like this EP, although there have been line-up changes since, shows how we have coalesced as a band and grown confident in our identity as Feral Children,” says Davidson. “There is a way better understanding of what we do what our purpose for making music is.

“The process took a little longer than anticipated but still within everything in mind it was very smooth and quick,” he continues. “We were very pressed for time as we wanted to get it out before tour and at moments i wasn’t sure if we would get it all done.

“Sure enough it worked.”

Feral Children summer tour dates:

July 3rd – Winnipeg – Lo Pub – This Hisses, Zombifyus
July 5th – Toronto – The Base Station w/ Each Other and New Positions
July 6th – London – Hot Dog Musique and Cinema w/ Zombifyus(early eve show)
July 6th – Windsor – The Phog
July 7th – Wakefield – Black Sheep In
July 8th – Montreal – Divan Orange w/ Majical Cloudz and Each Other
July 10th – Sackville – Sackville Music Hall w/ Zombifyus and Bedroom Sessions
July 11th – Halifax – Gus’ Pub w/ ISBN and Old and Weird
July 12th – Moncton – Plan B w/ Thee Requiems and Zombifyus
July 13th – Montreal – Casa Del Popolo – Expwy, Hobo Cubes and Group Sound
July 14th – Ottawa – Pressed Cafe w/ Zombifyus and Mannequin
July 15th – Toronto – The Garrison w/ Crosswires weekly night
July 17th – Thunder Bay – The Apollo w/ Zombifyus
July 18th – Winnipeg – Frame Arts Warehouse w/ Zombifyus. Atomic Don and Dust Adam Dust
July 28th – Saskatoon – Vangelis w/ This Hisses and Savs
August 2nd – Edmonton – Bohemia w/ Krang and Zombifyus
August 3rd – Calgary – Broken City – Night Committee CD release
August 4th – Lethbridge – The NAAG w/ Zombifyus and Jesse and the Dandelions
August 5th – Kelowna – Fernando’s w/ Zombifyus
August 7th – Vancouver – The Rickshaw Theater w/ Peace and Holzkopf
August 8th – Vancouver – The Astoria w/ Zombifyus, Village, Adam Kadmon
August 10th – Calgary – The Palomino w/ Lad Coast and Ryan Bourne
August 11th – Edmonton – Wunderbar w/ Brazilian Money, Zombifyus and Energetic Action
August 18th – Saskatoon – Amigos w/ Zombifyus