Saskatoon’s Top Five Least Google-able Bands

Local bands falter while climbing the search engine ladder

Ominocity contributor Brandon Mack wrote that when a band is attempting to improve their SEO that “the first steps should have been taken by the person or company in charge of developing your website.

“I’m not here to tell them how to do their job,” he adds.

Maybe what we should have said was that the first real step was to give your band a name that was unique, easy to remember and something that would be certain to show up. Then again, we aren’t here to tell musicians how to do their job.

“Having a Google-able band name isn’t the point of making music. But it helps.

Band names can be hard, so don’t despair little info-nauts. Sometimes the coolest band names are actually the simplest. Bands like New Order or Boston likely gave none of the fucks about their monikers being searchable by nerds looking to illegally download their music. Similarly, having a Google-able band name isn’t the point of making music.

But it helps.

In the spirit of fun and games and a light chiding, Ominocity entered a smattering of Saskatoon’s great bands to see if they came up on the first page of a Google search. As per the rules, you enter in only the name of the band – I imagine the results would be quite different if you added a follow-up term like “Saskatoon” or “Bandcamp”.

Also important: results could vary.

Saskatoon’s Top Five Least Google-able Bands

Economics – Saskatoon’s Economics, as imagineered by Dean Summach, has some very cool sounds. Unfortunately, you might not have much luck finding him on the interwebs. But here is a sweet bonus – a Google image search comes up with lots of pics with dudes with dollar $ign$ on their ties.

Dirt – A talented band with a sweet-‘n’-low-‘n’-dirty rhythm section, Dirt may have the distinction of being Saskatoon’s least imaginatively named band but to the handful of other bands out there who brilliantly all thought of the same name. Even more disparaging, a precursory search of “dirt” doesn’t even bring up anything remotely close to do with music.

Soul Mates – Soul Mates, a ripper of a band, has a cute name. Similarly, attempts to track them down online only conjure up dating websites where “hooking up” leads to “coffee at Timmy’s”.

Cease and Desist – Another good band, probably multiple bands named the same thing. Good dudes though.

DFA – Actually, Saskatoon’s DFA totally falls on the first page of Google. But this somewhat dubious distinction does nothing to clear up what the band’s name actually means. Take your pick: Dalhousie Faculty Association? Deterministic Finite Automaton? Dimensional Fund Advisors? Which one is it boys?

Honorable Mention: Father Figures/Castle River – This one makes me giggle. The only thing that comes up on the first page of Google is the Ominocity article about Father Figures changing their name to Castle River. Hoo hah.