How To Improve Your Band’s SEO

In A Band? Move Yourself Up In The Search Ranks

One thing that everyone always wants to know is how to get their website on the first page of Google. What’s that? You’ve been wondering the same thing? Perfect! And you’re in a band? Even better!
The first steps should have been taken by the person or company in charge of developing your website and I’m not here to tell them how to do their job. I trust that they know what they are doing. What I want to do right now is give you, the website owner, a few simple tips on how to help move it up a few rungs on the ladder.

First thing let’s set up a scenario. You have been calling around, attempting to set up a show or two. Lo and behold, a month from today, your band is booked at a little place we’ll call “The Venue”. The next step? Let’s write about it! Announce it! Get the word out through a post on your website!

Let’s Think About This For A Second

Before we start writing that post, let’s think this through. We know that people who know of you will come to the website directly. In other words, they will already know where to find you. These aren’t the people we are concerned about. The ones that we want to worry about are the ones that heard a single song from a friend and their curiosity piqued. What do they really know about your band? Most likely, they just know a name. How will they find you? They will probably use Google. Now that we have narrowed down the audience we are worried about, we can move onto the next step.

Search Terms And Sprinkling Ripe Keywords Into Your Posts

I don’t know about you, but when I use Google to search for something, I will type in the first relevant keywords I think of to find what I am looking for. The majority of internet users will think the same way. These are the words we need to try and pick out. Alright, so let’s head back to our scenario. What keywords would people use to find this information? Probably your band’s name, the venue’s name, other bands playing with you, and generic keywords like live, show, music, or concert. When writing your posts, you have to think like the people trying to find this information. Take those words that they would use and utilize them when writing out your content. The more of these words you can use, the more relevant your post will be to them, in turn helping your posts show up to the people who are looking!
(Editor’s Note – Ominocity tags every post with relevant words and it seems to work fairly well – also, try Googling “dudes puking” and see who (strangely) comes up on the first page…)

Dudes Puking

Link To Other Relevant Content

You have your post written and you are using those keywords within your content. What’s next? Let’s create some links to other websites! You talked about “The Venue” within your post and you know they have a website, so why not link to it? Give your readers the option to click on the venue’s name within your content and take a look at its website. Scope out the joint if you will (do people even say that anymore?). They also have a Facebook page? Link to it! When these links exist within your posts, Google makes note. If these links are to other reputable, relevant sources, guess what? It helps you out!

Make Use Of Your Social Networking Pages

The post. It is written. So, I’m not sure if you have heard, but apparently people are using these social networking sites called Facebook and Twitter. A lot. Can you guess what’s next? Right! Create a link to your post on these sites! Update your status! Tweet something! I say this for two reasons. Reason one. People will read, and people will share. Reason two. These sites are fairly high ranked already. Putting your content on them will give you that extra little bit that we often take for granted.

When All Is Said And Done

Take your time, think about what you are writing and put that extra little bit of effort in. It will pay off! One thing to remember though, as with a lot of things in life, you will have to be patient. Moving up in the search ranks won’t happen overnight, but if you take the proper steps, you will see results!