Sheepdog breed

The Sheepdog: Award Winning Breed

The sheepdog, nature’s most notoriously un-groomable best friend

There has been some serious buzz around these sheepdogs. Around every corner, on every newspaper and every radio airwave there are whispers of them. But there really is no wonder as to why.

Did you know that they went from solely appearing in the fields of 19th century English villas to touring in doggie pageants all over the world today? And awards? They win those things left and right. There is little doubt that they have come a long way from being just an unknown style of prairie herding canine.

Recognizable instantly by their long shaggy manes that cover their face, maws and eyes, these puppies can go for about $900-$1000 CAN depending on whether or not they are bred from award-winning quality. Originally used as a herding dog, in the past 200 years the sheepdog has been rapidly becoming a household name. Known for their obedience and clown-like energy, be sure to bring one home with you tonight!

Sheepdog breeding sales have been the same for the past five years.”

Ominocity recently had the opportunity to catch up with a local sheepdog breeder for a feature chat.

Ominocity: So, in the past year or so have you noticed an increase in sheepdog puppy sales?

Sheepdog breeder (name withheld by request): “I don’t talk to press! How’d you get this number?”

OM: Uh, the Saskatchewan Dog Breeder’s Directory. So, no notice in sale increases?

SB: “Well, actually, the Canadian Breeders Association releases a report each year, and sheepdog breeding sales have been the same for the past five years.”

OM: So even with all this media attention, you mean to tell me sales have plateaued?

SB: “I don’t know.”

Zing! Rapid Popularity; turning any Mr. Muggs into Mr. Shruggs.

–Contributed by Joanna Graves.

Editor’s note: This article is in no way associated with the band The Sheepdogs or their many awards.