Fountains of Youth: Flood Season Review

Saskatoon’s Fountains Of Youth drop new album entitled Flood Season

Fountains of Youth flood season

Fountains Of Youth, headed up by local shredder Paul Kuzbik, have dropped their latest album Flood Season for stream on Bandcamp.

Comprised of 12 songs, Flood Season is surprisingly catchy and well-written given its faux bar rock trappings. The familiar elements are all in place – consider my heart strings tugged by lyrics like “I wished it away and it died today” – but the band never let themselves slide into the individual cliches of their influences. Not quite blues-inspired rock, or whatever, Fountains of Youth are a solid band with a firm grasp on their own sound.

Similarly, Kuzbik is a talented musician and lets you know it with endless ripping guitar solos. Fortunately he also knows when to show restraint, and any given song on Flood Season thankfully never treads the line of wankery.

Easily a contender for summer jams – be sure to check out “Along These Lines”.