Cousins – The Palm At The End Of The Mind: Download of the Week

Halifax’s Cousins releases new album entitled The Palm At The End Of The Mind

Being my first download of the week in forever and my first post for Ominocity this year, I decided to dig deep and pick an album I am most excited to grip. Cousins’ sophomore release The Palm At The End Of The Mind is something I have been waiting for since I heard their epic 7” EP Secret Weapon/Speech last year.

Cousins The Palm At the End of the Mind

While a few of these songs have already been released in other formats, both songs from that 7” made it onto this release, as well as the track “Kyber” from the compilation named for the infamous Halifax venue, they all fit very nicely into this package.

For most of you indie kids you already know of the amazing scene that is coming from the east coast, Cousins fit very well into the endless stream of great bands coming from there. But they have an added twisted that is a very raw garage styling that I myself can’t get enough of. With a stripped down guitar-meets-drums setup they are easily comparable to locals Castle Rivers (formerly Father Figures). My favorite tracks here are still the ones from the Secret Weapon 7” with high focus on the vocals being utilized as a powerful instrument that reverberates in through one ear bouncing around your skull exiting out the other ear.

If you haven’t ordered this yet do yourself a favor and get on it ASAP – this band will be huge.

–Contributed by guest writer Matthew Yablonski.