Concert Posters

How to Add Your Events to Ominocity (and Thousands of Other Websites and Apps)

Promoting a concert used to be as easy as taping a poster to every lamp post in the city and praying that enough kids show up so you don’t have to pay the bands out of your own pocket.

In the Facebook era, printed posters are more a novelty. Convincing a few popular friends to share the event with their entire friends lists can easily make hundreds of people aware of your gig.

While Facebook events are a dream for promotors too lazy to hit the streets, they are often limited to your own circle of friends.

Having booked everything from house concerts to multiday festivals, we’d like to share with you a relatively untapped resource for online event promotion that will take no more than a few minutes of your time to submit.

How to Add Your Events to Ominocity

When we first launched Ominocity we had high hopes of compiling the most accurate and complete event listings for the city. After a year of manually adding every event to our database this became really tiresome and took up too much time.

Being the crafty nerds that we are, we partnered with a service called Songkick and developed a new event system that automatically pulls their events into our database. Songkick is a service that scrubs the Internet for event information from ticketing agencies, social networks and band and venue websites to create the world’s largest global events database.

Songkick does an amazing job of automatically adding events, however promoters booking shows in tiny, unknown halls may want to manually submit their events to be included in our listings.

If your event is missing from our listings, you may add it at or by clicking the “Add Event” link at the bottom of any of our event pages.

…And Thousands of Other Websites and Apps

Adding your event to Songkick not only adds it to Ominocity but thousands of other websites and mobile apps too. Big names like YouTube, Bandcamp, Yahoo, Spotify and Foursquare use Songkick’s database to display event information, greatly expanding your event’s potential audience.

When you add your events to Songkick they will automatically show up on your band’s Bandcamp page, they will be displayed to viewers watching your videos on YouTube and guests can even check into them on Foursquare.

We welcome you to help us make Ominocity’s event listings as accurate and complete as possible and encourage you to reap the benefits that contributing to a global events database offers.