Bloodstains Across the Prairies

Bloodstains Across the Prairies: Interview with Mammoth Cave Recordings

Bloodstains Across the PrairiesThe Bloodstains Across the Prairies 7” vinyl compilation, which features several Saskatoon bands, has been put up for pre-order by Mammoth Cave Records.

Featuring local groups such as Feral Children, Haunted Souls, Auld Beak and The Eyebats, as well as a handful of bands from Winnipeg and Manitoba, the vinyl compilation is a part of a series that features bands by region all across Canada.

Although he recognizes the logistical challenges, Mammoth Cave co-founder Paul Lawton hopes to one day showcase all areas of Canada, including the northern regions.

Lawton expects Bloodstains Across the Prairies to be released in March.

Ominocity: Having put out several of these compilations are you seeing a “regional sound” or is it more a case of like-minded bands?

Mammoth Cave: I think there are definitely some regional sounds going on here. I mean listen to the difference between the Winnipeg and Saskatoon bands – crazy differences. The only real similarities between the different singles are the similar DIY approaches to being a band.

OM: Was it more difficult to find bands for the Prairies compilation?

MC: It wasn’t hard to find bands but it was hard to find enough bands that employ the same band-mentality as us. There are tons of bands in the prairies, but lots are playing a different game that we have nothing in common with, and frankly want nothing to do with.

OM: How does the Prairies record stack up against the rest of the releases?

MC: I spent a lot longer shaping the prairies 7″ than the first three. Ontario had so many bands we wanted to work with and couldn’t. It filled up in one day. But Prairies took five months of digging, and in the end it is my favorite. Pretty much all of the bands on Bloodstains Across The Prairies are unknown outside of their scenes, and the variety/quality is amazing.

OM: Will you be working with any Prairies bands for future releases?

MC: We are doing a Haunted Souls 7″ very soon. We love that band so much. I imagine that we will work with the Microdot/Atomic Don crew again soon (both bands have almost identical members, everyone just switches instruments). We want to work with every band! It’s just hard because we never have enough money.