Tombstone Diaries

Retro Download – Tombstone Diaries

Fine, it’s not really a download. Regardless, Tombstone Diaries’ guitarist Chris Viger recently posted what he calls a “lost track” from the Saskatoon metalcore band’s not-so-distant past.

The “unnamed” song – Viger says he can’t remember the title – showcases the band’s trademark tight guitar leads built around epic dynamics and tempo changes.

Although for the life of me I can’t remember the band ever doing the gang vocal thing live, lead vocalist Kaelen Klypak’s guttural howls are completely on the mark – especially when taking a back seat to the melody-driven breakdowns.

Tombstone Diaries existed from 2002 until 2006. I remember seeing one of their first shows when they were still a four-piece – I vaguely recall the audience at The Bassment yelling for an encore and the band responding by playing an open E chord while ad lib screaming. A year later they were playing some of those most complex metalcore in Saskatoon.