Best of November

The Two Twenty Grand Opening Video Review
Another near-failure of a weekend review, I originally intended for the writing to be “playful” and “off the cuff” – it would have been a good idea to actually write about the building, the bands and the fucking awesomeness because I think people would have been really stoked about that. Oh well.

Weekend in review
I’m not sure why people were so stoked about this one either – there were some cool videos and a photo of a girl lighting herself on fire. But I suspect the sexy photo of the Karpinka Brothers had a lot to do with the popularity of this one. Damn it looks good to be a gangsta.

Show Review: Karpinka Brothers, Oldseed
Speaking of the Karpinka Brothers, Kathy Gallant’s awesome review of Sheena’s house show that featured the acoustic duo and Old Seed was a little bit (a lot more) genuine of an article that actually managed to capture the vibe and good times. Kudos!

Rdio Review: Music Streaming in Canada
Ominocity back-end man Ryan Smith’s attempt at writing a serious business blog post. But what we didn’t tell you was that if you signed up for Rdio under our article that we actually made money. Tellingly, Ominocity’s business plan since day one has been “Fail or Die Trying.”

Set Aside Retro Download
Local screamo punks relive glory days via the Internet and giving away the album for free. Sorry if you were one of the 20 people that bought it the first time around. Sigh.