Show Review: Karpinka Brothers, Oldseed

You could hear the soft tapping of socked feet at a warm and lovely ‘haus’ show on Monday as the Karpinka Brothers and Oldseed christened Sheena Miller’s new pad, hosted of course by viveMusic.

This was my first house show, and as awkward as I can be sometimes, I didn’t feel that way this night. Hospitality + new faces + beer/wine + amazing music = awesome.

I’ve wanted to see the K-Bros. – Shawn and his currently ‘Movembered’ brother Aaron – for a while now, and I’m super glad I got to see them at this quaint and intimate house show. They played a few new songs and some of their classics like “Little Boxes”. They even sold me a CD for the grand total of a high-five! Their music is warm and inviting, and they are fantastic storytellers.

kbros setlist

Oldseed, aka Craig Bjerring, has lived all over the prairies but now calls Castle, Germany home. In his bio he calls himself “a jerk with a guitar” but he seemed pretty nice to me. His set was filled with ethereal songs that, at times, felt like he was channeling some Dylan vibes, but his sound was a little more distinct – gravelly, yet smooth. He even did a cover of a Scorpions song to which a few audience members proclaimed “yes!”


— Contributed by Kathy Gallant